floor coating in commercial kitchen
food grade floor coating in commercial kitchen
food grade floor coating in commercial kitchen

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    Flooring in areas where food is stored, prepared and consumed must be of a high grade and conform to various industry standards. From easy cleaning to non-slip applications, there are many considerations when installing a food grade floor.


    What is Food Grade Flooring?

    Food grade flooring must conform to legislative regulations that are set by Food Standards Australia. Any flooring within a location where food or beverages are stored, processed, served or consumed will be subject to this legislation.

    In addition to the construction and design of the floor being appropriate for the activities conducted within the premises, in line with Standard 3.2.3 – Food Premises and Equipment: Division 3 – 10. Floors, the flooring must also be:

    • Able to be effectively cleaned
    • Be unable to absorb grease, food particles or water
    • Be laid so there is no ponding of water
    • To the extent that it is practicable, be unable to provide harbourage for pests

    Any food grade flooring also needs to be safe.

    What are the Benefits of Installing Epoxy Resin Food Grade Floors?

    As well as ensuring that a premises will pass any audit, an epoxy resin food grade floor offers many advantages. One of the most important is its resistance to day-to-day spillages and wear. An epoxy resin floor is easy to clean, a must-have benefit when it comes to issues such as hot oil spills, fats and acids. It also withstands the harshest of cleaning chemicals and sanitisers.

    The robust attributes of our epoxy resin food grade floors withstand heavy footfall and trolley traffic, as well as providing a non-slip surface, with an R12 / P5 rating as standard.

    Where Should Food Grade Floors be Installed?

    Food grade floors are essential in any area where commercial food production, food storage, serving or consuming takes place. Examples include but are not restricted to:

    • Restaurants, cafes, bars and wineries
    • Beverage and bottling plants
    • Bakeries and confectioners
    • Food packaging areas
    • Hotel kitchen and bar areas
    • Seafood processing environments

    Abattoirs and meat processing plants

    How Much Does Food Grade Flooring Cost?

    Epoxy resin food grade flooring costs are dependent on various factors. These include the type of look and finish required, the area to be covered and the condition of the existing floor/concrete.

    Prices start from around $30-$35 per square metre. This includes two coats applied over a prepared concrete surface. Additional costs will be incurred should diamond grinding be needed to prepare the concrete and more if you opt for a decorative finish.

    Why Choose Epoxy Flooring Perth for Food Grade Floor Installation?

    Epoxy Flooring Perth is made up of a team of true industry professionals in all things epoxy flooring. Years of experience make us subject matter experts and a market leader within the trade. We offer a diverse range of flooring solutions for both commercial and personal needs.

    Our friendly team offer free site consultations to ensure that you select an epoxy resin floor that suits your requirements.

    All of our flooring options provide the following advantages:

    • Easy maintenance
    • Long term performance
    • The choice of various finishes – the flooring can be as bespoke as you require
    • Can be installed over concrete and other flooring types
    • Offer excellent value for money

    Discover more about food grade floors and why epoxy resin is the ultimate choice for commercial kitchens and other food areas in our blog.

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