Factory Floor Coating. It’s Easy If You Do It Right

When it comes to doing factory floor coatings, many businesses put it off thinking it will be a long and difficult process. But if done correctly and if using a professional installer, installing or re-doing a factory floor coating is easy and can be done in a relatively short space of time.

Epoxy floor coating is one of the best coating materials for a factory floor. It is extremely durable, sustainable, can be decorative and can be customised to your needs in terms of signage, colours and marking out storage areas.

Epoxy floor coating tends to be an epoxy floor that is less than two millimetres thick. An epoxy floor on the other hand references an epoxy floor that is at least two millimetres thick. Essentially this type of flooring is made up of multiple layers of epoxy, which is great for industry and factory floors.

There are a few different types of epoxy floors and the one you choose to use will depend on the type of flooring you currently have and the finish you are looking for. Self-levelling epoxy floors are great if you have new, old, cracked or damaged concrete floors. It creates a smooth and levelled floor perfect for manufacturing, warehousing, transport and more.

Epoxy Mortar Floors on the other hand are great for spaces that see a lot of impact, and a lot of use. These floors are chemical resistant and can also be used to repair cracks in current flooring before applying another version of epoxy flooring.

Advantages to Epoxy Factory Floors

There are many advantages to installing an epoxy floor or coating in your factory including:

  • Surfaces won’t be affected by oil, grease and other contaminants which means any spills can be cleaned up quickly
  • Old flooring can be coated, bringing a new look to your factory without a lot of time outlay
  • Line marking can be included in the flooring allowing you to mark out parking and loading spaces, storage areas and safety thoroughfares
  • The durable surfaces means you save on maintenance in the future

Worried about having to close down your business to install the flooring? You may not need to – a standard epoxy flooring usually takes 2 – 3 days to install while a customised flooring may take 3 -4 days to install. A weekend or a long weekend is a great time to have this flooring installed. If it does take longer, you may wish to do it over a quiet period where your business won’t be as affected.

Busting Epoxy Myths

There’s a good chance that you’ve heard plenty of myths about epoxy flooring which have made you think the install will be difficult and not worth it. Here are some of the most common myths busted.

Epoxy floors need to be replaced regularlyA quality epoxy floor that has been installed professionally can provide up to 20 years of service. You may get even longer depending on how you use the flooring.

It is just an expensive paint jobNot so. Yes you can purchase DIY epoxy floor coatings and paints, but these paints don’t form the same bond that a proper epoxy floor does and will likely lift and crack.

Epoxy floors are expensive – They may initially look expensive, but when you compare the costs over the length of time they are expected to last, as well as the lower maintenance costs, epoxy floors are much more budget friendly in the long run.

Epoxy floors are hard to maintain – This couldn’t be further from the truth. Business often turn away from epoxy flooring thinking they will be hard to clean and maintain but they are generally easy. While on the factory floor you won’t think too much about deep cleaning, these floors tend to do well with a sweep and a mop. Spills are easy to clean up and won’t soak in.

Epoxy flooring and coatings are a good option for factory and industrial flooring. With their durability and low maintenance aspects, as well as relatively quick install time, if you’ve been considering installing epoxy flooring, now is the time to do it.

Epoxy Flooring Perth can answer all your questions regarding the best type of flooring to install in your business, meeting your maintenance and budget needs. Talk to the team today and get your factory floor coated sooner rather than later.