Five Reasons Why An Epoxy Floor Creates A Safe And Productive Work Environment

If productivity and workplace safety are important to you, this article is worth reading.

It explains how critically important the choice of flooring is for commercial endeavour, plus it details how epoxy flooring delivers material benefits in terms of employee safety as well as in terms of the overall functionality, productivity levels and performance of the operation.  

Let’s examine five key reasons why an epoxy floor should be the first choice for any workplace where safety and productivity are valued:

  1. Superior skid and slip resistance

No-one wants any of their staff, contractors or visitors to be at risk of slipping or falling when they’re at work, especially in fast-paced operations, hazardous areas and areas with heavy foot traffic.

The floors of many commercial and industrial environments are subject to strict government and HACCP standards, with different requirements in place for different areas.  For example, the slip rating required for potentially wet, greasy conditions of a commercial kitchen differs from that of a public walkway which in turn, differs from the slip rating for a floor in an aged care facility.

Epoxy flooring can be constructed to meet any specialised requirement in virtually any workplace, with textured elements being added to the coating to achieve the desired slip rating.  It is also possible to install non-slip edging for walkways and steps as an added safety feature. 

  • Epoxy flooring’s impressive anti-slip and anti-skid properties mean superior protection and safety for employees, visitors and the public.
  1. Hygienic and corrosion-resistant

From hospitals to commercial kitchens, food processing plants to cosmetics and pharmaceutical manufacturing premises, the floors have to meet the highest regulatory standards of health and safety. 

One of the key reasons why epoxy flooring is the first choice in those workplaces which require very high standards of hygiene is the material’s resistance to bacteria, mould, dust, moisture and other contaminants.  Epoxy is non-porous and resistant to chemicals and acids, so it won’t deteriorate with repeated exposure to corrosive substances.   What’s more, its seamless construction with floor to wall coving means there are also no grout lines, corners or crevices where contaminants can accumulate.

  • Epoxy’s impermeable coating provides superior resistance to contaminants, giving it an edge over other types of flooring in workplaces where hygiene is a priority.
  1. Ability to demarcate safety zones and line markings

The versatility of epoxy floors is a significant advantage in workplaces which need to demarcate distinct areas.  These could be anything from safety zones, hazardous areas and pedestrian walkways to collection points and forklift parking bays.   Different colour-coding and line markings can be used.

  • Directional markings and zone differentiation on an epoxy floor in a workplace can increase productivity, safety and workflow.
  1. Ease of cleaning

Epoxy floors are built tough, and they can withstand even the most robust of cleaning regimes demanded by some workplaces.  High pressure hosing, abrasive chemicals, scourers and hot water are no match for the hard-wearing surface, but what is also important to note is that an epoxy floor is easy to clean.   This means lower maintenance and cleaning costs.

Floors can also be constructed with the appropriate falls to drains, making them easy to wash down with no risk of water pooling.

  • An epoxy floor means a cleaner, safer work environment and reduced maintenance costs.
  1. Robust, durable construction

Epoxy coating is really tough!  Many workplace floors are subject to repeated impacts from dropped items, heavy machinery, vehicles, foot traffic etc, but durable, long-lasting epoxy floors are resistant to scratching, gouging and chipping.

This is a huge advantage from a safety, affordability and aesthetic perspective.

Personnel won’t be at risk from tripping over any damaged areas and the organisation gets the bottom-line benefit of a floor that performs strongly over the long-term.   The floor will also keep its good looks over time, which boosts morale and portrays a positive image for the organisation.

  • The hard-wearing high performance of an epoxy floor makes it a safer, more cost-effective and attractive option for any workplace.


The above illustrates why epoxy flooring is a popular flooring solution where workplace safety and security are paramount.  That said, epoxy flooring is not a simple system to get right and in order for it to perform to its full potential, it is imperative that the floor is installed by professionals.