colour coded in outdoor area
colour coded car park flooring system

Get in touch with Epoxy Flooring Perth to discuss your car park flooring requirements.


    Epoxy Flooring Perth can offer many solutions and options for car park surfaces in Perth. Some suggestions would be: – densifiers, clear or coloured sealers or high performance resin coatings for longevity, flexibility with non-slip quality.

    Some Options To Look At When Deciding The Car Park Floor Finish:

    • Colour coded walkways, driveways and parking bays.
    • Demarcation
    • Waterproofing to protect cars underneath from leaks
    • Resistance against impact
    • UV stability

    Multi-storey car parks are exposed to different types of loads such as thermal, mechanical and chemical stresses. The concrete surface must be protected not only from damaging media such as water, chloride, fuels, oils or battery acids, but also the coating of the floors must bear strong mechanically and abrasive loads when driven over.

    Epoxy Flooring Perth can also provide long term maintenance if required.


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    EFP’s Standard Colour Options:

    colours you can choose for flooring