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    Decorative epoxy flooring, also known as flake flooring, is the ideal solution for applications that call for something with a little more wow factor. In common with all epoxy floors, flake and decorative flooring have a multitude of advantages over more traditional options.

    What is Epoxy Decorative Flooring?

    Epoxy decorative flooring offers an almost limitless range of colours and finishes. From glossy to metallic, coloured flake combinations, textures and bespoke patterns, it’s the perfect choice for both behind the scenes and front of house. The flooring is applied over a base – most commonly, concrete – and is made up of resin and a hardener. Once set, a decorative floor presents a seamless, tough and aesthetically beautiful finish that can withstand even the heaviest of wear for many years.

    What are the Benefits of Decorative Flooring and Flake Flooring?

    The advantages of decorative flooring/flake flooring are many. The following are just some of the reasons that businesses are switching up to epoxy when installing new premises or carrying out an upgrade:

    • Fast, simple installation
    • Enormous range of colours and finishes
    • Non-slip
    • Seamless, creating a uniform and pleasing look
    • Rugged and hard-wearing, no matter how much footfall or traffic
    • Excellent longevity, lasting for many years
    • Resistant to marks and stains

    Waterproof and simple to maintain. It can be easily brushed and washed clean

    Where Should Decorative Flooring be Installed?

    Decorative flooring is appropriate for many industrial and business premises. From shop floors to showrooms, walkways, warehouses, bathrooms, entrance halls and more, a decorative epoxy floor is a contemporary and virtually maintenance-free choice. Epoxy floors work well in both interior and exterior locations, allowing a theme to be continued throughout a premises and its surroundings.

    How Much Does Decorative Flooring and Flake Flooring Cost?

    Epoxy decorative flooring offers a truly high yield for the outlay. As well as being affordable to install, its longevity means reduced outgoings over the long-term, as well as fewer man-hours to maintain. The exact cost will be determined by the square meterage and initial base preparation required. You can easily find out the cost of a project by clicking the ‘get a quote’ button below.

    Why Choose Epoxy Flooring Perth for your Decorative Flooring and Flake Flooring Needs?

    Epoxy Flooring Perth doesn’t just supply the means to create a beautiful decorative floor – we aim to make it as simple as possible. We’ve put together a wide range of complete kits to suit every requirement – from preparation to the finished article. We’re proud of our long-standing reputation, and our team has extensive industry experience, making us the go-to place to build the right solution for all your epoxy flooring needs.

    To this end, we’ve put together a series of articles that will help to answer many of your pre-purchase questions, such as What you need to know about a commercial epoxy floor. This is a great place to start, after which we recommend reaching out to one of our dedicated service advisors to answer any other queries you might have.

    This is easily done via phone or email. For a no-obligation price for your project, use our ‘get a quote today’ service to start the journey. We can’t wait to hear from you.