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To discuss your decorative flooring options with the experts, contact Epoxy Flooring Perth today.

    Flake Flooring

    Epoxy Flooring Perth’s Flake/ Fleck flooring system is used as a high quality alternative to tiles, vinyl and wood and has many advantages, which is why it is get used more and more to replace other floor coverings. EFP only uses the highest quality resins, with great resistance to scratches, marks and ware. Flake flooring is very easy to clean, being completely waterproof, stains and dirt will not penetrate into the sub straight but sit on top to be broomed or mopped away.

    Non-slip flake and decorative flooring is also available, this means we have beautiful non-slip floors for any area or slip resistant requirements including :

    • Shop floors,
    • Showrooms,
    • Retail outlets,
    • Bathrooms,
    • Shower/toilet blocks,
    • Carports and Driveways,
    • Balconies,
    • Walkways and Entrances and
    • Wet Areas.

    Smooth Seamless. All systems and finishes are free from grout, gaps or breaks, making your floor easy to wash down, mop and clean and preventing grim and bacteria from harbouring.

    Epoxy Flooring Perth has complete an extensive amount of retail outlets, sport shops, hardware stores and wholesalers, from very small to very large. Hundreds of stylish and unique finishes to choose from.

    Decorative Floor Finishes:

    • Coloured flake combinations,
    • Glossy seamless coloured floor,
    • Industrial concrete look and
    • Metallic Floors.