Why Choose Epoxy Flooring?

As flooring technology advances, business owners look for efficient planning & costing, working sustainably, inspections & testing among other flooring solutions.
The epoxy floor coating is one option that delivers optimum safety, hygiene, and durability. In addition, you can trust epoxy floors to handle the heavy forklift traffic in your business space with their strength and versatility.
All About Epoxy Floors
Many commercial environments are now enjoying the benefits of epoxy floors. It is a flooring system that comprises a chemical combination of resins and hardeners. And when they react with each other, they create a hard material similar to plastic.
An epoxy also requires a clean and lightly porous surface. Thus, sealed or polished concrete may not be the perfect base for an epoxy floor installation. It needs a cured concrete before application. Before installation, experts will fix all the cracks and chips in the surface for best results.
You can choose various appearances, ranges from high-gloss finish to smooth to the positive non-skid. These floor coatings are an affordable and durable option to protect your floors from the constant wear and tear. If your industrial flooring requires an easy to maintain, durable and fire and chemical resistant flooring, epoxy is the right choice.
What Advantages Can You Expect?
No More Stains on Your Floor
Whether you own a garage, workshop or commercial property, you would know how tough it is to keep your floors clean. Your business may need dirty work that involves chemicals that can stain conventional cement or industrial floors.
With epoxy floors, you can look forward to a clean appearance, irrespective of the spills. The flooring is easy to clean and maintain, making it an excellent option for industries.
Assured Safety at the Workplace
The safety of workers, equipment, and inventory is a priority for business owners like you. Epoxy floors are non-porous and water-resistant, resulting in smooth flooring structures making them sanitary and hygienic.
Besides, they are also fire and heat-resistant. The high gloss surface can increase the brightness of your workplace by 300%, thus improving productivity.
Strength and Durability
When the epoxy turns into a solid polymer, it becomes super strong and can prevent chemical breakdown. The hardened epoxy offers unmatched strength and develops cohesive bonds with your base flooring. These result in better efficiency and immense durability. When installed correctly, the high-performance floors can last for many years.
A Cost-effective Solution
Epoxy floor installation is quick and easy and doesn’t need any layout, cuts or adhesives. Since it doesn’t require any special tools and equipment or specific temperature or pressure conditions, it saves time and money regarding your labour and warranty.
Plus, the minimum maintenance and the long lifespan of the floors, make it an affordable solution for business owners.
Easy to Customise
Apart from being functional, epoxy floors are also aesthetic. You can customise it as per your needs. For instance, you can name specific work areas and safety zones using the coating.
In addition, if you’d like to separate the walkways and machine areas, you can do so using different floor coatings.
Go Green
Want to contribute towards a greener environment?
Epoxy floor coating is a sustainable solution as the reduction in material usage protects the environment and our planet. For, it is better than adding a new floor or replacing your machines or vehicles due to damage caused by the old flooring.

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Choose epoxy flooring for your commercial space for its durability, ability to cure well and superior adhesion. Gear up for a smooth and stress-free floor that’s ready for business!