food grade floor coating in commercial kitchen
food grade floor coating in commercial kitchen
food grade floor coating in commercial kitchen
A commercial kitchen floor in Perth

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    Epoxy Flooring Perth has extensive experience and knowledge in commercial Installations and upgrades to commercial kitchen floors using epoxy and resin products. We will take the time assess your kitchens requirements and design a floor system to suit.


    A functioning commercial kitchen is very important for efficiency and safety having a well maintained, easy to clean and non slip floor is a major part of the kitchen functionality. Having a flat kitchen floor is not acceptable in most cases for the health inspector as the water, grease, oil, fats and cleaners will pool on the floor and harbour germs, in these cases falls in the floor should be installed. Epoxy Flooring Perth is highly skilled in cement and epoxy screeding and also wall to floor coving to insure water falls to drains correctly and doesn’t pool.


    • Floor prep, insuring a good key so our products adhere to the floor and doesn’t fail over time.
    • Screed Installation, falls to drains and floor leveling. This is not always needed as sometimes we can use the falls and levels that are already in the floor.
    • Floor coving, installed by hand, making a smooth transition from the walls to the floor.
    • Sealing of the floor, coving and screed, before installing the floor covering.
    • Finally installation of a hygienic and safe epoxy kitchen floor or resin kitchen floor.

    Commercial kitchens are heavy foot traffic environments and are prone to spills, harsh cleaning chemicals and heat, as a consequence they are constantly getting wet, oily, dirty and can be a very slippery work environment, because of these reasons the floor has to be easy to clean, hardwearing, able to withstand impact and heavy use, non-slip and resistant to fats, acids, alcohol and grease, also it is important for the floor to be seamless to stop germs and bacteria harbouring in seams or grout.

    Please consider before choosing your floor finish:

    • Wall to floor coving
    • Food grade coating (for surfaces that come in contact with food)
    • Nonslip finish for areas that are constantly wet
    • Low VOC (Oder)
    • Falls to drains and waste
    • Impact resistant
    • Bunded wash bays
    • Chemical resistant, non-corrosive and acid resistant products


    • Screeding to falls
    • Coving wall to floor
    • Nonslip
    • Seamless installation
    • Quick turn around
    • Anti-microbial and food grade coatings