15 Dec

The Vital Role of Coving for Industrial and Commercial Floors

Coving is the installation of curved areas where a floor meets a wall, eradicating the traditional 90-degree angle and replacing it with a smooth, curved surface. While such a finishing touch does, of course, look fabulous, there’s far more to coving than simple aesthetics. Coving 101: everything you need to know There are many reasons […]

24 Oct

All You Need To Know About Maintenance Of Your Epoxy Flooring

Ease of maintenance is one of the key reasons for the popularity of epoxy flooring for heavy duty industrial applications such as warehouses and factories.  Epoxy flooring is one of the most durable materials around and can stand prolonged rough treatment in harsh conditions, but it does require a little TLC every now and then […]

12 Feb

The Ultimate Guide To Epoxy Floor Coating

If you need to replace your existing warehouse floor or if you’re building new premises and are investigating various flooring choices, you’ll want the full story before you make any decision.   Flooring can be a substantial investment – not only in terms of the cost of the actual installation, but also in terms of […]

9 Dec

Five Reasons Why An Epoxy Floor Creates A Safe And Productive Work Environment

If productivity and workplace safety are important to you, this article is worth reading. It explains how critically important the choice of flooring is for commercial endeavour, plus it details how epoxy flooring delivers material benefits in terms of employee safety as well as in terms of the overall functionality, productivity levels and performance of […]

1 Sep

What You Need To Know About A Commercial Epoxy Floor

Refurbishing an existing commercial premises?  Doing a brand-new fit-out?  Replacing a damaged floor in your showroom, shop, bakery or commercial kitchen?   Making the right choice when it comes to flooring materials is imperative.  Get it wrong and there can be significant consequences including costly downtime, possible health and safety breaches, reputational damage and more. […]

30 Aug

Why Epoxy Flooring is the Best Choice for Every Commercial Kitchen

If you have a commercial kitchen, you understand just how important it is to have the right flooring. Your flooring needs to be non-slip and there needs to be no hidden cracks or anywhere that bacteria can hide and grow. If you are renovating your current kitchen or setting a new one up, flooring is […]

6 Jul

Ensure Your OHS Floor Marking Colours are Correct

Running a warehouse or factory, your Occupational Health and Safety requirements are often forefront in your mind. Keeping staff members safe while at work is extremely important and one of the best ways to do this is to ensure your floor marking colours are correct.   While some businesses will have their own colours marking […]

8 Jun

Warehouse Floor Coating Doesn’t Have to be Difficult. Read these 7 Tips

A good warehouse floor coating is essential, not only for the safety of your staff but to boost the life expectancy of your flooring. If you’ve never had your warehouse floor re-coated, or even coated for the first time before, you may feel that the whole process is overwhelming and just too hard to organise. […]

16 May

Do You Need Non-Slip Flooring?

In many industries around Perth, having non-slip flooring is essential. Whether you run a hotel kitchen, produced baked goods for commercial sale, or run a warehouse, a non-slip floor is a great addition to keeping staff safe while at work.   Non-slip flooring coatings can be applied to almost any type of flooring including:   […]

8 Apr

Benefits of Non-Slip Flooring in Your Business

Slips, trips and accidents are something every business wants to avoid, and a non-slip flooring surface is a great way to stop accidents before they happen. Whether you run a busy kitchen or a warehouse with trucks coming and going all day, there are plenty of benefits to using non-slip flooring in your business.   […]

20 Mar

Safety Floor Installations

Safety flooring is an important factor when running your business from a warehouse or similar location. It can be the difference between your staff members going home safe at the end of each day and dealing with an accident that could have been prevented.   Safety flooring is often applied to factory, warehouse and plant […]

17 Feb

5 factors to consider when deciding on your car park floor finish

If you’re in the process of building a new car park or re-doing an old car park, you may be considering the type of finish you will be utilising, as well as safety and maintenance options. With so many choices on the market, we’ve narrowed down the factors to consider when deciding on your car […]

12 Jan

Injury Protection with the Correct Flooring Choice

Injury protection is a major focus in many businesses no matter the industry they are in, and one factor that business owners and managers can really have a choice on is the type of flooring used in the business and how that flooring helps with injury prevention. Workplace related injuries cost the Australian economy $60.6 […]

2 Dec

Factory Floor Coating. It’s Easy If You Do It Right

When it comes to doing factory floor coatings, many businesses put it off thinking it will be a long and difficult process. But if done correctly and if using a professional installer, installing or re-doing a factory floor coating is easy and can be done in a relatively short space of time. Epoxy floor coating […]

16 Dec

Why Choose Epoxy Flooring?

As flooring technology advances, business owners look for efficient planning & costing, working sustainably, inspections & testing among other flooring solutions. The epoxy floor coating is one option that delivers optimum safety, hygiene, and durability. In addition, you can trust epoxy floors to handle the heavy forklift traffic in your business space with their strength […]