wall coating on large building
sealing large open concrete floor
new flooring outdoors with safety tape to keep people off
new flooring outdoors with cones to stop people walking
droplet of water on flooring

Other concrete floor services include concrete painting, and concrete coating.

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    7 Reasons to Seal Concrete and Other Pores Surfaces:

    1. Enhances the look

    Sealing is not only for protect but can have aesthetic benefits, enhancing the colour in the substrate can bring out its natural beauty, also with options of natural, gloss, matt, and satin finishes.

    2. Increases life span

    Sealing can increase the life spanned of your concrete significantly by adding resistance to wearing from weather and traffic factors and also sealers can harden and bind the concrete preventing it from breaking or cracking.

    3. Reduces wearing

    Traffic, weather and impact can have a damaging effect on concrete, sometimes it can take years for the damage to become noticeable but once the concrete becomes worn it can spread and continue to crack or become pitted the longer its left that’s why it’s important to have Epoxy Flooring Perth install the right sealer or check the concrete protection level of your existing concrete and reapply the appropriate sealer if needed.

    4. Protects from staining

    Sealing off the surface so that any staining is kept on the outside of the substrate making it a lot easier to clean and remove.

    Choosing the right sealer that will keep the stains and marks on the outside, with so many choices of sealers it’s not easy to get the right one and most sealers around are sold as stain resistance but as we have found out from our 17 years of experience not all sealers are equal actual most aren’t that crash hot.

    5. Slows water transmission rates

    Slowing the transmission of water flowing through the concrete is a great feather of certain types of sealers and a must before covering concrete. Water from underneath can create a lot of pressure and if not sealed this pressure can push off or eroding any toping or cover causing it to delaminate or drum. Slowing transmission rates also has great advantages for general protection by resisting against water damage and staining.

    6. Inhibits bacteria growth

    Bacteria is not good for your health and having it growing on your floors or walls is not good for your and it’s not good for your substrate, bacteria in the form of moss or mould can damage the surface of concrete and stone by slowly deteriorating it. A quality antimicrobial sealer should be chosen or products with mould inhibitors.

    7. Easier to maintain

    Sealers are designed as a general protection against stains, marks and water damage, many sealers fill in the pores of the concrete so dirt and sands don’t get trapped making it a lot easier to hose or scrub down.

    Epoxy Flooring Perth can assist in procedures in cleaning and products to achieve a high level of cleanliness.


    Probably the most important thing is to have the right applicator as choosing the right sealer can be a mine field and ending up with the wrong sealer can be worse than not sealing at all, Also sealers have certain procedures that must be done and having experienced installer will be the difference between getting it right and getting it wrong.

    Please consult with Epoxy Flooring Perth to get the job done right! Contact EFP today.

    Epoxy Flooring Perth has completed 1000s of seal applications, from residential to shopping centres, mine sites, hospitals, full building walls, tilt panels and public spaces. We have extensive experience in using specified products and there procedures.