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    Epoxy & Resin Flooring

    Epoxy Flooring Perth has extensive experience in epoxy floor coating installations with over 15 years in the industry and the knowhow to make your job a success. We have  become a market leader in epoxy coating and non-slip applications completing numerous floors in iconic buildings and locations throughout Perth and W.A.

    Epoxy boasts excellence in abrasion resistance, chemical resistance, quick installation times, waterproofing abilities, great strength, higher MPA than cements, gap free seamless installation, ease of cleaning and astatically beautiful finishes.


    Epoxy floor coatings are used throughout:

    some advantages:

    • Non slip
    • Falls to drains
    • Floor to wall coving
    • Perfect for washing down
    • Resistance to staining and marks
    • Colour coded safety
    • Seamless
    • Large colour range
    • Ease of cleaning
    • Impermeable
    • Chemical resistance

    Epoxy flooring is not a simple system to use or get right, with multiple steps involved and each step must be done right to achieve longevity of the floor, getting the wrong contractor could mean you are left with a floor that scratches, peels and fails, it is imperative to getting the right team and get the job done right the first time. Each job is different and epoxy flooring perth has wide variety of products for any requirements, we regularly use Self levelling epoxies, chemical resistant, roll coats, rapid setting, trowel mixes and anti slip products.

    Over the years we have seen epoxy floors go from an unneeded extra to a requirement for the Industrial floors as companies have seen the deterioration of unprotected concrete, compared with impermeable epoxy coating, giving a maintainable easy to clean finish the concrete requires for longevity.

    Food floors such as kitchens, diaries, abattoirs, produce, bar and restaurants in the past have sometimes used vinyl, wood or tiled floors but over the last 10 years have come around to the advantages of epoxy floor systems as a more sustainable and easier to maintain surface. Seamless finish is one on the major advantages, with no seams or grout from wall to drain.