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    Epoxy resin floors have become a staple coating for flooring in multiple locations. Once only seen in commercial settings, they’re now a popular choice in homes around the country. The reasons are many, including incredible value for money, great aesthetics, easy customisation and true longevity.

    What is Epoxy Resin Flooring?

    Epoxy resin flooring is a floor covering solution that can be applied over concrete and other surfaces. It’s made up of two parts – a resin and a hardener. Once applied and allowed to set, it becomes hard and non-porous. The surface can then withstand extreme usage without becoming worn. Thanks to true customisation choices, an epoxy resin floor can match virtually whatever aesthetic requirements you might have.

    What are the Benefits of Epoxy Resin Floor Coatings?

    There are multiple advantages to choosing epoxy resin as a floor coating. These include:

    • Easy and quick to install
    • Can be applied over a concrete floor or other surfaces
    • Non-slip
    • Easy to keep clean and withstands the harshest of cleaning chemicals
    • Can be washed down
    • Resistant to marks and staining
    • Seamless – meaning the floor has a truly uniform finish
    • Comes in a wide range of colours and finishes, including metallic, textured and flaked

    Can be further customised by stamping for a tiled appearance, gloss or matte finish, and can imitate expensive materials, such as marble

    Where Should Epoxy Resin Flooring be Installed?

    Many industrial areas are suited to epoxy resin floors. Warehouses, garages, kitchens, restaurants, dairies, and food preparation areas are just a few places where the flooring is a stand-out choice. Thanks to the unique composition of the flooring, it works well in both interior and exterior locations.

    How Much Do Epoxy Floor Coatings Cost?

    Epoxy flooring represents excellent value for money. The price will be determined by many factors, such as the square meterage, the amount of concrete or base prep and the required finish. The best way to find out a personalised fit-for-purpose estimate for your installation is to click our ‘get a quote’ button below.

    Why Choose Epoxy Flooring Perth for your Floor Coatings?

    At Epoxy Flooring Perth we live and breathe beautiful floors. Our dedicated team offers many years of industry experience, meaning we can answer all your questions and help guide you to the solution for your flooring needs.

    We know that selecting a new floor comes with many questions – it’s a big purchase so you want to get it right. We’ve put together answers to many FAQs in our article, The Ultimate Guide to Epoxy Floor Coating, and we recommend reading this to get you started. Of course, we’re on hand for any more questions you might have – for us, the creation of a practical, aesthetically pleasing, robust and value for money flooring solution means that we’ve done our job correctly.

    Ready to find out more? Then please get in touch for more information or hit ‘get a quote today’ for a no-obligation pricing assessment of your flooring needs.