concrete painting and colouring with race cars
applying coating to floor
colored safety flooring

As experts in concrete floors in Perth, EFP Epoxy Flooring Perth are the ones to speak to about all of your concrete painting requirements. Call now.

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    Painted Concrete Floors To Rejuvenate And Protect Your Concrete!

    Epoxy Flooring Perth’s concrete colouring systems are hard wearing and long lasting with quick install times to make down time as minimal as possible

    This cost effective system can be used on any concrete surface, inside, outside, driveways, carports, commercial units, warehouses and workshops.

    Some Benefits Of EFP Concrete Painting:

    Demarcation is being used to increase safety and efficiency in large operations such as industrial, manufacturing, logistics, processing and fabrication. Systems such as S5 and similar are being adopted to create a uniform standard between multiple warehouses meaning any employee or visitor can walk into any factory around the world and follow the same system.