man applying coating to large concrete area
concrete flooring inside a building
the preparation work for flooring walkway
applying coating to large concrete area

To discuss your concrete floor coating requirements, get in touch with Epoxy Flooring Perth today. Specialising in commercial flooring .


    Epoxy Flooring Perth are experts in concrete floor painting in Perth. We use Epoxy or Resin painting depending on your requirements and the area to be covered.

    Epoxy Painting

    Epoxy painting and covering of concrete and walls is a great protection option and is superior to standard paints as it is more water resistant, is more resistant to ware, adheres better, is a thicker, higher solids product and is an easy as hosing down to clean, also provides great stain resistance and also anti-graffiti properties.

    Most paints aren’t strong enough or adhere well enough to concrete floors and because of this over time will flake, peel or wear away. EFP uses industrial grade products in some of the harshest conditions; including areas that are heavy traffic from trucks to forklift to areas that are forever wet.

    High solids epoxy:

    Because of the high amount of solids in the epoxy we use we can achieve a harder wearing more durable floor, more solids means more life from the coating

    Resin floor painting

    Resin painting is a system which can be done as a top coat over existing coverings as in wood or epoxy or as a standalone coating over concrete, helping with UV protection, scratch resistance and wearing.

    Concrete painting options:

    Clear painting

    Sealing it from dust and protecting the floor or walls from staining this is a great low cost option if you like the look of your concrete. Clear painting in the form or sealers or resins can enhance the natural colours in substrate.


    Coloured epoxy and resin painting will give you a uniform floor that won’t flake or peel. Hardwearing coloured epoxy or sealer are superior to standard paints and will last a lot longer.

    Decorative painting

    Decorative flooring is a beautiful option to cover concrete with hundreds of looks to choose from, giving your floor a unique look and will be easy to maintain.