man applying coating to large concrete area
concrete flooring inside a building
the preparation work for flooring walkway
applying coating to large concrete area

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    Using epoxy paint to cover concrete floors and walls offers many advantages over concrete alone or other painting options. From longevity to easy-clean properties, using advanced epoxy resin to boost the look and performance of concrete is a winning combination.

    What is Epoxy Paint for Concrete?

    Epoxy paint is designed to adhere to concrete, protecting the surface and having huge aesthetic advantages. It’s a popular choice within all industrial settings, including warehouses, showrooms, food production areas, hospitals, educational facilities and more.

    Unlike most other paint products, epoxy resin paints are designed specifically to be used over concrete surfaces. This means that they offer:

    • Superior adherence
    • Better water resistance
    • Are easier to clean
    • Offer advanced stain resistance
    • Remain pristine for many years
    • Are resistance to extremes of temperature
    • Don’t flake or peel over time

    In addition, epoxy concrete paint comes in all colours and shades of the spectrum, plus multiple finishes. This allows for bespoke customisation and demarcation of any kind.

    What are the Benefits of Epoxy Paint for Concrete in the Industrial setting?

    There are many reasons why epoxy resin is the best choice for concrete painting. The unique makeup of the paint creates a robust concrete paint solution that’s easy to apply and lasts for many, many years.

    The advantages of choosing epoxy resin for concrete painting can be summed up as follows:

    • Can be installed over new or existing concrete with minimal surface preparation
    • Easy and quick to apply
    • Designed for both interior and exterior use
    • Dries to a seamless finish
    • Has outstanding easy cleaning properties – can be washed down with pretty much any cleaning solutions
    • Non-slip
    • Non-scratch and impact resistant
    • Withstands the heaviest of traffic – both human footfall and vehicular
    • UV ray resistant
    • Withstands extremes of temperature, both hot and cold
    • Chemical, oil and grease resistant

    In addition, epoxy paint offers incredible value for money, is quick and easy to install, plus it can be tailored to any colour scheme or pattern requirements.

    Where Should Epoxy Paint for Concrete be Installed?

    Because of its versatility, there’s virtually no industrial setting that isn’t well-suited to epoxy paint for concrete. From sports halls to abattoirs, restaurants to car showrooms, the attributes of epoxy paint over concrete prove their worth again and again.

    Whether you require clear painting to protect walls and/or floors from stains, a decorative option, colours or a combination of them all, this 21st century solution is robust, easy to install and represents outstanding value for money.

    How Much Does Epoxy Paint for Concrete Cost?

    Because every epoxy painting project is unique, it’s vital that each is quoted on an individual basis. While the exact cost will be dependent on various aspects, such as the condition of the concrete, required colours and markings and, of course, the size of the area to be painted, choosing epoxy concrete paint is one of the best value options available today.

    This is thanks to the multiple benefits of the paint, including:

    • The ease and speed of application
    • The cost of the materials
    • The exceptional longevity – meaning that once an epoxy painted floor and/or wall project is complete, you’ll enjoy many years of pristine use

    It’s easy to find out an accurate estimate for your needs. Click the ‘get a quote’ button below and one of our experts will get back to you as soon as possible.

    Why Choose Epoxy Flooring Perth for your Concrete Painting Needs?

    Because, quite simply, we’re the best at what we do. Not only does our professional team have decades of experience, but our technical designers have created unique epoxy paint blends that are far superior to many others on the market. In addition, we’ve used our expertise to put together flooring sets that contain everything needed for virtually every type of concrete painting installation.

    As subject matter experts, we’re also very keen to help customers understand more about epoxy paint advantages. Our blog is the go-to place to find tons of useful information, such as this article about Ensuring your OHS Flooring Colours are Correct.

    We’re also proud of our outstanding customer service – something that you’ll discover from the first time you make contact. We’ve also made getting a price for your epoxy project as simple as possible. Hit the ‘get a quote’ button or give us a call. We’ll be delighted to provide you with the information you need.