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Epoxy Repairs and Coatings

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Concrete Floor Coating for Warehouse Flooring

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Non Slip and Waterproof

Epoxy Flooring Perth are Western Australias Leading Epoxy and Resin Flooring Installers, to get a quote please contact us below and we will get back to you ASAP


    Industrial Grade:

    Heavy Duty, fit for purpose flooring is Epoxy Flooring Perth’s specialty and choosing the right system is the only way to get a floor that will last and hold up against the bombardment that industrial floors can face. EFP has the only tried and tested industrial flooring rating system and can give you coating life expectancy, non-slip rated and maintenance programs for each system.

    Floor Preparation:

    Different grades of concrete and finishes require different preparation techniques, Epoxy Flooring Perth is highly experienced in grinding, shot blasting, scarifying, sanding and etching techniques and will assess the floor requirement for which is most appropriate.

    Concrete Repair:

    Correct concrete repairing is one of the most important aspects of a long lasting floor coating. At EFP we use epoxy mortars to repair whenever possible as it is much stronger than cement and is much faster to harden.

    Floor Coating:

    (WS) Workshops- Heavy vehicle use, impact resistance and easy to maintain.

    (WH) Warehouse- Uniform finish, constant traffic from large vehicle and forklifts, wear and scratch resistance

    (FY) Factory- Non-slip, washdown, food safety, and wear resistance

    EpoxySafe MU100- WS, WH and FY. EpoxySafe is suitable for most areas as it is anti slip, chemical resistant and one of the highest strength epoxy mortars on the market. EpoxySafes biggest floor (pun alert) is heat resistant and is limited to 60 degrees constant direct heat

    Urethane Screed- WS, FY. Urethane Screed is the perfect coating for heavy duty food production, cool rooms and commercial kitchens as its heat and cold resistance is second to none and also boasts a long life expectancy in extreme environments.

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