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    Epoxy is the ideal surface for industrial flooring. Offering a hard-to-beat combination of easy installation, value for money, longevity, customisation and – crucially – hardwearing properties that well outlive other flooring choices, epoxy resin is a winner from every angle.

    What is Epoxy Resin Industrial Flooring?

    Epoxy industrial flooring is a seamless, wholly customisable flooring option that’s created from an advanced two-part mix of resin and hardener. This is poured over a prepared surface – usually concrete, but it’s equally suited to other hard materials – where it sets into a tough, non-porous and attractive veneer. It’s ideally suited to the industrial setting, thanks to the enormous range of colours, range of finishes, easy maintenance and incredible resistance to wear, chemicals and pretty much any substance that it might come into contact with. The ability to create multiple zones allows for tailored safety features to be incorporated – an essential industrial requirement – such as walkways and vehicular lanes to meet all health and safety legislation.

    What are the Benefits of Epoxy Flooring in the Industrial setting?

    The popularity of epoxy industrial flooring has increased exponentially, thanks to the huge number of benefits it brings. These include:

    • Withstands heavy-duty wear, such as high footfall, vehicular traffic and industrial machinery
    • Fast and easy to install
    • Extended lifespan compared to virtually every other flooring option
    • Impact resistant and non-scratch
    • Non-slip
    • Can be used in both interior and exterior settings
    • Chemical and stain-resistant
    • Resistant to UV rays
    • Easy to keep clean – can be washed with virtually any cleaning solution
    • Offers excellent value for money
    • Easily tailored to requirements – colours, finishes and bespoke demarcation

    Where Should Epoxy Industrial Flooring be Installed?

    The flooring is suitable for practically every industrial location. Warehouses, workshops, factories and more, epoxy resin can be applied over existing concrete or other hard surfaces with minimal preparation. Its chemical makeup makes it suitable for inside industrial flooring projects, exterior ones and even where extremes of temperature are the norm – such as cold rooms, freezers, or external areas that are subjected to excessive sunshine and heat.

    How Much Does Epoxy Industrial Flooring Cost?

    Every epoxy industrial flooring installation is unique to the customer’s needs. This means that all projects are quoted on an individual basis once the requirements are understood. The final cost will depend on a variety of factors, including:

    • The square meterage to be covered
    • The condition of the underlying surface and necessary preparation
    • Colours and finishes

    No matter what the bespoke needs are, customers can be sure that epoxy resin compares extremely favourably with any other options. This holds especially true when one considers the longevity of the surface, outshining virtually every other flooring choice on the market today.

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    Why Choose Epoxy Flooring Perth for your Industrial Flooring Needs?

    Without wishing to blow our own trumpet too much, it’s because we really are the best at what we do. With decades of industry experience, our team not only provides the ultimate advice for any epoxy flooring project, but we’ve custom-designed exclusive flooring sets that contain everything that’s needed for virtually every type of installation.

    We know that creating the right flooring solution for an industrial area requires planning and consideration. As subject matter experts, we’ve put together many educational articles, such as, Factory Flooring Coating. It’s Easy if you Do it Right, to help assist with the task. Our experienced team will also be delighted to advise and help guide you to the perfect epoxy industrial flooring creation.

    We’ve made the next step easy. Either hit ‘get a quote today’ or pick up the phone – our team is waiting to take your call.

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