commercial bakery flooring
flooring in industrial bakers setting

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    Bakery industry floors are subject to fats, hot oils, steam, hot and cold water, sugar solutions and natural acids. Epoxy Flooring Perth has solutions for medium sized bakeries through to large production and destitution areas. With this experience we have found this to be of utmost importance.

    Floor Must Be:

    • Nonslip/slip resistant
    • Resilient to oils and grease
    • Easy to clean
    • Impermeable
    • Strong and durable
    • Smooth and seamless

    Bakeries have to adhere to stringent hygiene and sanitation standards as well as extreme heat and thermal shock, making the right product is a must for longevity and reliability.

    Our Resin Floors Are Suitable For:

    • Preparation and cooking areas
    • processing areas
    • packaging Spaces
    • Refrigerators and freezers