Industrial Bakeries

Industrial Bakeries

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    An epoxy resin floor is the ideal solution for many industrial applications. Bakery floors are a particularly well-suited example of how this long-lasting, hygienic and non-slip floor coating is a contemporary way to save money, conform to strict legislation and provide an aesthetically pleasing finish in one simple and value-for-money installation.

    What is Epoxy Bakery Flooring?

    Epoxy bakery floors are an up-to-date solution that creates an easy-maintenance floor surface that conforms to all legislative and hygiene requirements. Epoxy resin provides a bakery flooring solution that can be customised to business requirements and is suitable for both customer areas and those used for baking, storage and prep. Such a floor can be installed over concrete and other surfaces and comprises a mix of both resin and hardener. Once set, the floor is non-porous and can stand up to the most rigorous of use, making it a great choice for any bakery or commercial setting.

    What are the Benefits of Epoxy Bakery Floors?

    Choosing epoxy for a Bakery floor brings many advantages, including:

    • Simple and quick installation
    • Bacteria and pathogen-resistant
    • Resilient to oils, grease and other spillages
    • Seamless, smooth and easy to keep clean
    • Non-slip surface
    • Comes in a wide range of colours and finishes

    Where Should Epoxy Bakery Flooring be Installed?

    Epoxy flooring is suitable for all areas of a bakery. This includes preparation, storage, baking and cooking areas, as well as shop floors and anywhere customers congregate. It can also be used outside, meaning a business can extend a colour theme or design to include outside the premises as well. Such an example might be an area for customer-only parking.

    How Much Do Epoxy Bakery Floors Cost?

    The exact cost of an epoxy bakery floor is dependent on various factors, including the coverage area, colour and finish, as well as any necessary preparation of the existing concrete or underfloor material. Get a fast estimate for your project by clicking the ‘get a quote’ button below and a member of our team will get back to you promptly with a pricing assessment.

    Why Choose Epoxy Flooring Perth for your Bakery Flooring?

    Epoxy Flooring Perth is a leading supplier of everything to do with epoxy flooring. We’ve got extensive industry experience and our dedicated team is committed to assisting our customers find the ultimate flooring solution for their needs. From advice on the best floor for your business to installation questions, we’re just a phone call away.

    But we’re more than just a flooring provider, at Epoxy Flooring Perth we’re the ultimate one-stop shop for everything a business needs for the perfect commercial flooring installation. From complete kits to our extensive range of colours and finishes, we’re the go-to provider for those who demand the best from their supplier.

    We’ve also put together a helpful series of articles to answer many FAQs, such as Why Epoxy Flooring is the Best Choice for Every Commercial Kitchen.

    Get in touch today for more information or use the ‘get a quote today’ button for an accurate pricing assessment for your epoxy flooring project.