non slip flooring on a walkway
no slip flooring in commercial kitchen
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    Non-Slip Floor Coatings

    Epoxy Flooring Perth’s non-slip floor coatings have been designed and rated to meet government and HACCP requirements to give the customer peace of mind that their floors are safe in all conditions, wet or dry.

    Anti Slip Floor Coating

    Coatings floors with anti slip is a fast and long lasting solution to replacing the floor and can be a very fast process, getting the floor back in use within hours.

    Epoxy Flooring Perth have a wide range of specialised coating products for Non slip on concrete cement, tiles, wood, stone, vinyl, paving or laminate floors, and can be coloured or clear.

    Slip Ratings

    We can provide any slip rating needed from R9, P2 to R13, P5 rated. Different areas will require different slip standards, generally:

    • public areas and walkways require R9,
    • aged care facilities and lobbies require R10,
    • Dry Production areas and bar floors are R11,
    • Commercial kitchens, wet production, and food processing floors require R12

    Almost Any Surface Non-Slip:

    • Steel decking and checker plate.
    • Concrete new/old
    • Coloured roll coats
    • Tiles
    • Wood
    • Decorative floors

    Epoxy Flooring Perth also installs non-slip edging for walkways and steps.

    Non-slip Surfaces are most needed in areas that stay wet, soapy, greasy or oily like kitchens and processing areas, quarantine areas, cool rooms or Bunded wash bays and that is why these areas require R12, P5.

    Some Textured Non-Slip Colours:

    colours you can choose for flooring
    The colours shown are sample only. Actual colours may vary from representation on screen and from batch to batch.