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    Non-Slip Floor Coatings

    Non-slip flooring is obligatory in many areas, both public and private. When it comes to business, leisure and public locations, various legislation demands that the anti-slip qualities of flooring meet strictly defined standards. Installing an epoxy resin floor covering is one of the easiest, most durable and value-for-money methods to do this, ensuring the grip quality remains high in all conditions, wet and dry.

    What is Epoxy Resin Non-Slip Flooring?

    Epoxy resin non-slip flooring is a long-lasting coating that can easily be applied to a new or existing floor – most typically concrete but can also be applied to other materials – to create an aesthetically pleasing solution that adheres to anti-slip regulations. The solution is made from a two-part formula of resin and hardener. It comes in liquid form, meaning it can be poured over the required area. It quickly dries into a hard, non-porous surface in the colour and pattern of your choice. The mix can be created to conform to all necessary levels of slip rating.

    What are the Benefits of Epoxy Flooring for Non-Slip and Anti-Slip Properties?

    Epoxy anti-slip flooring is a versatile option that can be tailored to meet virtually any bespoke requirement. The benefits can be summed up as follows:

    • Epoxy flooring can be rated to provide any slip rating required, making it wholly suitable for indoor and outside areas, including:
      • Car parks
      • Walkways, pavements and sidewalks
      • Interior lobbies
      • Hospices, care homes, hospitals and other healthcare facilities
      • Commercial kitchens, food processing locations, wet and dry production areas
      • Bars, cafes and restaurants
    • Can morph virtually any surface into non-slip, including both new and old concrete, tiles, wood, steel decking and checker plate.
    • Fast and easy to install
    • Lasts for decades
    • Requires little maintenance
    • Simple to keep clean and can withstand virtually any cleaning material and chemical
    • Comes in an almost infinite spectrum of colours
    • Easily add bespoke demarcation as per requirements
    • Wholly cost-effective

    Where Should Epoxy Anti-Slip Flooring be Installed?

    Epoxy anti-slip flooring can be installed anywhere that non-slip properties are required. Suitable for both interior and exterior installations, its use is particularly appropriate in locations that must conform to local, national, and/or international anti-slip regulations. This includes educational institutions, healthcare facilities, car parks, food processing areas, hospitality locations, car parks, playgrounds, walkways and more.

    How Much Does Epoxy Non-Slip Flooring Cost?

    Non-slip epoxy resin floor needs are unique to each installation. This means that every project is quoted to individual requirements. The exact cost will be determined by factors, such as area, the level of anti-slip needed, colour, finish and the amount of surface preparation needed. Easily find out how much your epoxy floor will cost by clicking the ‘get a quote’ button below.

    Why Choose Epoxy Flooring Perth for your Anti-Slip Flooring Needs?

    Epoxy Flooring Perth is one of – if not the – best provider of epoxy floors in the whole of Australia. Our highly knowledgeable and friendly team has decades of experience and is delighted to use this to ensure every installation is exactly as you require.

    This level of expertise has allowed us to curate a wide range of epoxy resin flooring collections that contain everything necessary for a trouble-free installation. These range from preparation sets through to all levels of non-slip epoxy flooring needs. We’ve also put together a wide range of helpful articles to assist with the choice of epoxy floor installations, including this one, Benefits of Non-Slip Flooring in your Business.

    Ready to find out how much your anti-slip epoxy flooring project will cost? Either give us a call, pop into our Perth showroom or click the ‘get a quote’ button for a non-obligation quote.


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