flooring in abattoir
flooring in abattoir
meat hooks and flooring in abattoir

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    Abattoirs flooring & meat processing facilities Floors may be constantly wet or immersed in water or water slurries of animal waste, blood, fat, and other by-products. Meat processing areas may include cooking operations that can be subject to significant temperature variations.

    Epoxy Flooring Perth prides itself on installing quality, long lasting and non slip flooring in Perth that are easy to clean. Using low VOC products and completing the job on time.

    These floors need to have good protection against:

    • The floor must be capable of being thoroughly de-greased, cleaned and sanitised
    • It has to be resistant to a range of chemicals
    • The floor finish has to be hard wearing and durable to withstand heavy loads and abrasion
    • while maintaining a safe working substrate for foot and wheeled traffic
    • The floor finish should have anti-slip properties in both wet and dry conditions
    • The floor finish should not support the growth of bacteria