Do You Need Non-Slip Flooring?

In many industries around Perth, having non-slip flooring is essential. Whether you run a hotel kitchen, produced baked goods for commercial sale, or run a warehouse, a non-slip floor is a great addition to keeping staff safe while at work.


Non-slip flooring coatings can be applied to almost any type of flooring including:



Slips and trips are a big problem in workplaces around the world, and in Australia they account for quite a large number of workplace injuries. If you’ve been considering upgrading the flooring in your office, non-slip flooring is certainly worth looking at.


What is Non-Slip Flooring?


The premise of non-slip flooring is relatively simple – a coating over any flooring provides extra grip to minimise the chance of slipping on the floor. It is used in a variety of businesses and with good reason. Imagine working in a restaurant kitchen where there is oil, water and other liquids being used that could easily spill on the floor. Those spills lead to an increased risk of slipping and someone injuring themselves – certainly not something any business owner wants. By utilising non-slip flooring, along with staff utilising the correct OH & S practises, there is a decreased chance of slips and falls.


There are a few important factors you do need to keep in mind when dealing with non-slip flooring, and they come down to the environment your work is in and how the floor is being used. The first factor you need to consider is the environment of your business and whether there is a risk of chemical exposure or abrasion. This might change the type of non-slip coating you use.


Secondly, you need to consider the type of flooring you have, and what the end use of your non-slip flooring is going to be. There is, of course, a difference in a floor that will see mechanical loads and heavy impacts compared to a floor where health and cleanliness is an issue.


Benefits of Non-Slip Flooring


Apart from having a flooring surface that your staff won’t slip on, there are plenty of benefits to installing non-slip flooring in your business. These are our top five reasons for using non-slip flooring.


  1. Non-slip flooring is suitable for almost all work areas including offices, kitchens, stairs, factory floors, footpaths, carparks, bathrooms, kitchens, cafes, restaurants, clubs and more.
  2. A non-slip floor can help you save money by reducing the likelihood of slips and falls and therefore reducing time your employees may need to take off work as well your costs to insurance to cover the person who has slipped.
  3. Much easier to adhere to all relevant OH & S and compliance requirements.
  4. Because non-slip flooring products can be applied to a range of flooring styles and types, you can choose a treatment that maintains the look of your flooring, while adding that non-slip surface.
  5. Easy to install and can be done after hours if needed. Installing non-slip flooring won’t cause major disruption to your workplace if done during business hours, however because it is relatively easy and quick to install, it can be done after hours with a minimal of fuss.


At Epoxy Flooring, we have a range of specialised coating products to turn your floors into non-slip. Whether you have concrete, tiles, wood, stone, vinyl, paving or laminate floors, we have a clear or coloured non-slip product to help. We can also install non-slip edging for walkways and steps, ensuring your staff and visitors to your business stay safe in the wet. If you love how your floors look, you can stay with a clear coating. If you want a pop of colour or need to separate certain areas of your warehouse floor out for vehicle and people movement, there are a range of colours available.


If you’d like to discuss options for non-slip flooring in your workplace, speak to the experienced team at Epoxy Flooring Perth. As a market leader in the concrete coating and epoxy flooring industry in Perth, we can assist you with all your needs.