floor coating in kennels
floor coating in kennels
floor coating in kennels


RSPCA is Australia’s animal protection agency relying on donations to help run 40 shelters and employ more than 1000 staff. RSPCA objectives are to prevent cruelty to animals, enforce laws and provide facilities to protect and care for animals.

RSPCA engaged Epoxy Flooring Perth to protect and seal their newly build dog kennel facility, the wall were breeze block and floor was concrete, a mid-grey colour was chosen for the floor, a sky blue and golden yellow was chosen for the walls, the colour combination looked great and matched with other existing facilities.

The Prep: the preparation included diamond grinding to floors and to remove old paint in some area, sanding scraping of walls, some patching and joint repairs was needed, and epoxy mortar was used as best practice.

The Coating System: two Epoxy prime coats were needed on the walls to seal the porous breeze block, then two coloured high solids Epoxy and polyurethane resin coatings were applied leaving a glossy and artistically pleasing finish to the walls. One epoxy prime coat with applied to the concrete flooring and two 100% solids EpoxySafe mid-grey was applied with non-slip textured finish.

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