Safety Floor Installations

Safety flooring is an important factor when running your business from a warehouse or similar location. It can be the difference between your staff members going home safe at the end of each day and dealing with an accident that could have been prevented.


Safety flooring is often applied to factory, warehouse and plant floors, allowing business owners to create and install health and safety walkways, exclusion zones, line marking and complete floor coating, allowing for a safe and clean workplace. One benefit to choosing well known safety flooring options is that employees and visitors can instantly recognise walkways and areas of caution.


Choosing the Right Floor Coating


Before installing safety flooring in your workplace, you will need to consider the type of floor coating you have or need.


Concrete coatings are a popular option in Perth and can be done with both epoxy and polyurethane coatings. Non-slip coating for concrete are a good way to improve slip resistance and safety in both wet and dry conditions. If you have vehicles moving in and out of your warehouse in all types of weather, non-slip coatings are essential.


Colour Coding Safety Flooring


When installing safety flooring, it is important to make sure the colours you use are uniform across your entire workplace, as well as uniform with other sites your staff may work at.


  • Yellow is often used to mark out walkways, driving areas and working areas.
  • Red & White Stripes are used to mark out areas that need to be kept clear for safety and compliance such as areas in front of firefighting equipment, electrical boards and first aid areas.
  • Black & White Stripes are used to mark out areas that need to be kept clear for operational reasons (that aren’t health and safety related) such as no parking areas or no storage areas.
  • Black & Yellow Stripes are often used to mark areas where employees and visitors may be at risk of physical and health hazards such as areas of storage of chemicals or items stored up high (fall risk).


Tips when Undertaking Safety Floor Installations


Installing safety flooring in your warehouse or factory can take some planning. Apart from choosing the correct floor coating for your business, you also need to be aware of what colours will be used to mark out various areas of the floor, as well as the layout of the warehouse. The last thing you want is to install your safety floor markings, only to realise that the layout isn’t working for a growing business.


We’ve put together some tips to keep in mind when installing your safety flooring.


  • Choose the flooring layout that suits a growing business. While you can re-install safety flooring, getting it right the first time will save time and money down the line.
  • Use a professional and qualified safety floor installer. By choosing a business that only does safety flooring, you’ll know that not only are you in safe hands, but you’ll also get a longer lasting and more professional job.
  • Don’t go overboard on the colours. By using as few colours as possible, your employees are more likely to remember what each colour means. This also makes it easier for visitors to remember certain areas.
  • Standardise colours into groups. Some companies colour code firefighting equipment and safety equipment that needs clearance into two different colours. For the sake of simplicity, and to make these areas more visible, using the one colour or colour combination to outline areas that need to be kept clear is a better option.
  • Use black and yellow striped marketing to code hazardous areas or equipment that can pose a safety hazard such as flammable and combustible material storage areas.
  • Choose safety flooring that can easily be maintained with regular cleaning as well as easily cleaned up. Good safety flooring should be able to handle being cleaned by solutions, detergents and degreasers that are needed for spills of chemicals and non-chemicals such as oils.

Find out more about how your choice of flooring can help reduce injuries in the workplace.

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