5 factors to consider when deciding on your car park floor finish

If you’re in the process of building a new car park or re-doing an old car park, you may be considering the type of finish you will be utilising, as well as safety and maintenance options. With so many choices on the market, we’ve narrowed down the factors to consider when deciding on your car park floor finish to make your job a lot easier.


Colour Coding

By colour coding areas such as walkways, driveways, parking bays and the like, you can help car park users stay safe, as well as indicate the way to an office or building. Colour coding car parks is also a great option in multi storey car parks where visitors may need to remember which floor they are parked on.

When considering these colours, you will need to identify the type and volume of traffic – some floor finishes will hold up to more sustained traffic such as vehicles, while other floor finishes are better for light vehicles such as forklifts. Some colours may also last a lot longer than others when constantly being driven on.



Identifying car parking bays, no parking spots, pallet unloading areas, storage areas and walking areas is essential when considering your flooring finish. If these areas are constantly open to the weather, you may need to consider a non-slip floor option. If these areas are covered, other flooring finishes become available for you to use.



Waterproofing is essential when considering a multi storey car park. You need to protect cars parked on the lower levels from leaks, while also ensuring the flooring is safe to walk on when wet. By waterproofing, you can also protect your flooring from water that will wear away over time, eventually causing damage.


Impact Resistance

When deciding on a flooring finish for a car park, you need to take into consideration the type of impact the flooring may see. If there will be pallets being pushed around, boxes being dropped or potentially heavy items sitting on the ground for longer periods of time, it is wise to choose a floor finish that won’t be affected by small scratches.


UV Stability

Having floor finishes that can hold up to UV is needed when dealing with outdoor carparks. Consistent heat and UV can slowly damage some floor finishes, meaning you need to budget for more maintenance than necessary or budget for a new floor finish within a few years. 

If you are after a hard-wearing floor finish, a high solids epoxy may be for you. This epoxy is better than paint alone as it is more water-resistant, easy to clean and provides a longer lifespan giving you greater life from the coating.

Resin floor painting is a great option for a top coat over your current floor finish or covering as it can help with UV protection, is long wearing and is scratch resistant.

Choosing the right floor coating, colouring and demarcation can help improve the safety of your workplace.

Epoxy Flooring Perth offers a range of floor finish solutions to meet your demands. Whether you choose a straight sealant or go for a decorative finish, Epoxy Flooring Perth make it easy to decide on the flooring finish for your car park.